Psychological Supports

Serving individuals & families from out offices in Louisville, KY

Hope is not lost. Sometimes it feels that way- maybe you’ve tried everything for yourself, your child, or your teen. Maybe you’ve had bad luck finding the right person who just gets you and works to make sure you feel understood and helps you change. Maybe you’ve not even received a return phone call or e-mail from a practice or clinician. Hope is not lost.

At Homeplace, we know how frustrating it can be trying to find the right fit. The right professional relationship which can support you in your time of need and take you to new places. Our Home-to-Home Services provide a unique model of psychological care designed to provide you help when you need it- and where. Our clinicians are available to provide services in your home, school, or community as desired. We can come to you during a break in your work day, observe and intervene during the school day, meet you at your home, go out with you into the community, see you in our office, or even see you via our HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform!

Furthermore, using our trained staff and unique model, we seek to support clients even when they’re not in session through ease of access and flexible scheduling. Our goal is to be available for phone calls and e-mails to be up-to-date with current information as needed. We are here to be responsive and help you- no more leaving endless voicemails without return calls.

Oftentimes, psychological services provide one type of therapy: individual therapy, family therapy, couples therapy, etc. At Homeplace, we seek to provide flexibility in the services we offer. As part of our services, we hope to provide the services which you need. That may include a combination of services. We use our staff to provide a variety of services and have an in-house treatment team to meet your needs. One of our clinicians may be your child’s individual therapist while another of our staff may offer family therapy or individual therapy for you.

At Homeplace, we coordinate care with others and see that as an important part of our job. Wrap-around care is a term thrown around frequently. This idea of wrap-around services means we seek to support you in all areas of your routine life- home, school, work, recreation, and any place or activity you frequent. Are you having trouble coordinating with a teacher or doesn’t seem to understand your child? We can help. What about advocating for needed psychiatric services? If you aren’t seeing one of our in-house clinicians, we can coordinate with psychiatric staff as well. This wrap-around model allows us to talk to whomever, including your current treatment team- or help you develop a new one. We are open to speaking with schools, other practitioners, co-workers, family members- anybody you think it would be helpful for us include in your care. We are here for you.

You may think to yourself- is this right for me, my child or teen, or my family? Our Home-to-Home Services specialize in dealing with the difficult hiccups in life where you may feel stuck. Commonly, we work with people transitioning to and from residential care, anxiety, OCD, school refusal, oppositional-defiant disorder, depression, agoraphobia, and autism-spectrum disorders across the lifespan. Our clinicians are comfortable working across the lifespan including children, teenagers, young adults, adults, and older adults. Our staff is comfortable consulting with you to make sure you’re a good fit. Before even starting services, we want to make sure you know exactly what we offer and how we can help. If you are unsure, all you have to do is contact us. Our clinicians track all referrals coming to Homeplace to make sure it’s a good fit and we can meet your needs. If not, we will send you some other professionals in our wonderful city so you can get connected- free of charge!

From our Homeplace to yours, we hope to meet you where you’re at- literally. Please reach out for a consultation if you would like to hear more about how we can help you and remember: hope is not lost.