Why Homeplace

At Homeplace, we know the value of wrap-around care. Sometimes, the traditional options just don’t work. Therapy is wonderful, and finding the right therapist is crucial to success. Often people need more care than the traditional office-based therapeutic services. It is evident there is a need for services which are direct to the people and can provide a higher level of support, such as when people are transitioning to and from residential treatment or needing in-home, in-community supports. Though Louisville is a very psychological-friendly community with numerous talented clinicians, we at Homeplace noticed gaps in what is available. This is what started Homeplace’s Home-to-Home Psychological Services.

Stepwise or stepped care is using the least intrusive and most effective treatment which gradually increases based on how a consumer responds to treatment. For mental health, least intrusive interventions are minimal, such as self-care guidance and consultation with a general practitioner. Most intrusive interventions are long-term residential care or acute hospitalization. Thinking about stepwise care, there are few options between the steps of traditional outpatient, once a week therapy and crisis hospitalization and residential care.

Homeplace seeks to fill that gap by providing care to people who need wrap-around, intensive psychological care which is flexible and, most importantly, comes to you! Right in your home, office, or school. Through small treatment teams, Homeplace Support Service seeks to establish care which offers a variety of wrap-around services including: individual therapy, family therapy, clinical consultation with other providers such as schools, and psychiatric care. At Homeplace, we love what we do and want to help you make the changes you seek in your world by being a part of it.

You may be wondering why you should consider Homeplace for your treatment and well-being. We understand that life can provide many ups and downs for you or your child or teen. Frankly, it can be hard to know exactly where to turn and if you are moving in the right direction. If you feel like you are at the end of your rope and don’t know how things could possibly change, contact us for a consultation.

Our Homeplace staff works to provide the highest level of care we can using a unique model which is designed to be flexible and tailored specifically to your needs. We provide wrap-around intensive care for those seeking more help than once weekly psychotherapy but aren’t ready for intensive outpatient or hospitalization. For those who are interested in our services but don’t feel the need for our home-to-home care, we also offer traditional office-based therapy and psychiatric care at our Dupont location which is easy to access, conveniently located just off of the Watterson Expressway (2-64). For everybody who walks through our door, we seek to be flexible, accessible, and communicative in order to provide the best care we can. What makes Homeplace a unique practice is our flexibility- all in order to meet your needs. We see mental health care as driven by you, our clients, whom we serve. Homeplace offers family therapy, individual therapy, psychiatric care, and clinical consultation- all from the comfort of your home (or ours- many of our clinicians see our office as a second home).

It’s not easy changing, but that doesn’t mean things can’t be different. Sometimes the road ahead is hazy and unclear and can feel daunting. Hope is not lost. Call Homeplace for a consultation and together we can help you build the future you wish to see!

source: www.wellbeinginfo.org